Thomas Lo Contracting Limited is a multi-disciplined company with its services scope extended to building construction, structural additions & alterations, building maintenance and building services, other than general fitting-out and renovation internally and externally. It dedicates to provide real and lasting benefits to landlords and occupants of major buildings. To achieve this commitment, the company draws on state-of-the-art technology and systems as well as a crew of sophisticated professionals and knowledgeable engineering specialists. The company has the extensive experiences in interior related building services and construction in every phase, from space planning, interior design and project management to completion and maintenance.

Our professionals work closely with major clients decision-makers to ensure the final results function properly and effectively upon completion and throughout the term of its economic life.

Founded in 1983, Loyal Construction & Decoration Company Limited had been re-organized to Thomas Lo Contracting Limited in 1993. This corporate restructuring is to facilitate the delivery of a wide-range of professional project management services to our prestige clients. In 1997, we expanded our project management services to offer the one-stop services to our valuable customers. The project team has been carefully drawn from various aspects in the interior contracting industry to provide both clients and consultants alike with integrated and highly competent services.

Last but not least, we assure that Thomas Lo Contracting Limited is well equipped, both in resource capacity and financial stability, to complete important projects successfully